You can't change the past, however...

We believe you can

rewrite the future.

Our Vision & Passion

Why are we so passionate about children, relationships, and substance abuse prevention?
Watch the short film below about why we do what we do.

Rewriting Futures

Every life tells a story. Sometimes chapters are dark, characterized by addictions, depression and anxiety or other adverse and difficult experiences. Though the past cannot be rewritten, the pages of the future are blank and athirst for fresh ink. New life awaits – full of purpose, freedom and fulfillment. The opportunity to craft a rich and victorious legacy is still knocking.

Proactive, Not Reactive

We continue to believe that prevention and early intervention are key and that a proactive approach is much more effective than a reactive one. We have developed the Rewriting Futures Discovery Series to provide such increased awareness, early intervention and prevention. We see a lot of truth in Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

The cost of addiction in consequence and treatment is numbered in the hundreds of billions of dollars. In contrast, the cost of building a good foundation of understanding and encouragement to prevent the loss and tragedy of addiction is quite small. It may be as small as a few bucks and someone who cares. Teen expert Josh Shipp said, “Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story.”

The Discovery Series

The Discovery Series from Rewriting Futures walks participants through three strategically identified sections designed to shed light on life at home, help identify difficulties and how to overcome them, and open the door to goal-setting and dreaming. More than a simple curriculum, this journey provides educators and other influencers with an incredible opportunity to know those within their sphere of influence in deep and meaningful ways, be a part of the positive formation of a child and to intervene early in traumatic and difficult circumstances.

As young people begin to dream about the ways that they can impact the world around them, educators and influencers can begin to discuss with them both the things that can propel them toward their goals and dreams as well as the things that can hinder. Abuse of drugs and alcohol and other dream-killing behaviors and influences can be addressed early and prevented.

The Discovery Series is fueled by the belief that the building of strong relationships facilitates resiliency in a child and effectively mitigates symptomatic elements such as anxiety, violent and aggressive behavior, bullying, and lack of confidence or sense of self-worth and belonging.

The Discovery Series can be implemented quickly into any classroom or group setting and can be completed in a week or over a few weeks, with ongoing engagement and check-in elements also provided. The tool is intended for students K-12.

Relationship is Key

The true success point of this program is not the books or groups, but the relationships that are formed and the opportunities for students to be vulnerable for a moment and share difficulties. Teachers, counselors, principals and other influencers facilitate the Discovery Groups (and consistently work with the same students) to build stronger relationship. These Discovery Guides are there to listen, ask questions, show incredible interest, encourage and help children identify ways to overcome and dreams to pursue.

We hear often from administrators, teachers and others with influence that they long for deeper relationships and opportunities to listen to students. But without intentional time, a well-designed plan for that time and an effective tool, regular class or administrative duties can make it nearly impossible to make such an investment into children’s lives.

The academics are very important, but we would argue that the relationships and ability to listen, encourage and influence students is the foundation from which academic success flourishes. Relationship is a critical element for building resilience.

New Legacy Foundation

In 2013, the Gene Duffy Foundation (also known as the New Legacy Foundation) was founded. Dr Mike Duffy (Gene’s son) founded the organization with the intent of continuing his dad’s legacy of providing dignity to those struggling with addiction.

The purpose of the New Legacy Foundation was to promote education and research about drug and alcohol addiction and to provide assistance for the treatment of these addictions.

The most substantial work of the New Legacy Foundation centers on the development of tools and strategies that promote the establishment and nurture of healthy relationships and push back against the stuff that seeks to steal away the opportunity for life that is both fulfilling and fruitful.

Recently, Network of Us partnered with the New Legacy Foundation and has adopted the resources to continue this important work for all mankind.

Rewrite the future.

Rewriting Futures is a campaign originally developed by the New Legacy Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to Research, Education, and Treatment for substance abuse, and has now partnered with the Network of Us to continue carrying out this campaign.