A new prevention and early intervention tool for your classroom that gives your children a voice through discussion and relationships.

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A discovery tool for the classroom to provide

early intervention, awareness, & prevention

Three discovery sections

Not a curriculum, but a tool that walks through the three Discovery Sections to learn more about a child's home life, how to overcome, and their goals and dreams. Through this process, teachers and educators have an incredible opportunity to really know their students and intervene early into traumatic and difficult circumstances. Finally, by addressing each student's dreams and what can hinder those dreams, educators can build a foundation of drug and alcohol abuse prevention.

Three discovery components


What is a Discovery Group?

3rd-5th Grade Discovery

* Other grade levels coming soon.

This resource takes students through a discovery process in small groups to look at each students' life at home (outside of school), identifies difficulties they are currently facing, how to overcome those difficulties, and helps discover their dreams while identifying things that can ruin those dreams such as substance abuse.

Through this discovery and relationship building process, we long to allow students to share about their life. We may be able to then intervene early into traumatic, abusive, or hard situations in a child's life to bring immediate help and encouragement. We also long to bring awareness and prevent future substance abuse.

For children facing less traumatic situations, teachers can still learn about a child's current difficulties and begin to encourage and come alongside of a student to help them overcome. After identifying these difficulties, we long to help each student identify how they can overcome these circumstances or get the proper help and assistance needed to overcome.

The final piece is what dreams do they have? We call this Dreamcasting. Students will identify goals and long-term dreams on how they want to change their life or the world around them. We'll also look at what can squash those dreams, such as harmful relationships, substance abuse, violence, etc. The Dreamcasting app will also help them find and discover where they are headed and what a bright future can look like!

This resource is in development phase and will be available for piloting starting January 2018 for 3rd-5th graders.
More grade levels coming soon.

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Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story.

— Josh Shipp

Staggering Statistics

Our children and teachers are facing many hardships. The stats are shocking.

Percentage of adolescents in substance abuse treatment that experienced traumatic situations as a child.
Teacher attrition: teachers leaving their career in the first years on the job due to challenging work conditions and lack of support to help kids.
Opioid abuse death rate increase over the next 10 years if current abuse trends continue.

The foundation continues to believe that prevention and early intervention are key and that a proactive approach is much more effective than a reactive one.

About Us

Gene Duffy Foundation

The purpose of the Gene Duffy Foundation is to provide tools and resources that help with substance abuse prevention as well as early intervention. The foundation also promotes education and research about drug and alcohol addiction and provides assistance for the treatment of these addictions. The vision is to provide initiatives that can prevent alcoholism and substance abuse issues while providing greater access to high quality, effective treatment for people already in the grips of alcoholism and/or substance abuse.


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