Where Does a School Look for Funding?

So, where might schools look for funding for the Discovery Series? There may be several known sources, and there may be some yet to be discovered.

With the average cost of educating a student in a public school in America more than $12,500, it would seem quite feasible to find $15 to provide each student with the Discovery Series. This is especially true when one considers the benefits of the Discovery Series. Each state has guidelines for what every student should know and be able to do in Math, English Language Arts & Literacy, History/Social Studies, and Science from Kindergarten through 12th grade. These standards are research and evidence-based and aligned with college and work expectations. The Discovery Workbook meets many of these including: Speaking & Listening, Writing, and Language/Literature.

Other social-emotional standards impacted include: Recognizing and managing emotions, demonstrating care and concern for others, establishing positive relationships, making responsible decisions, handling challenging situations constructively, promoting mental wellness, prevention of mental health issues, school connectedness, reduction in student absenteeism, and improved academic outcomes.

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School Budget

There may be more than one category in a budget from which to draw funding. The most obvious place would be Curriculum. But it may also come from an activities budget or wellness program.

Parents, Friends, and Sponsors

Most schools have established groups of supporters. After all, educating children is a worthy, and attractive cause to support.

Brainstorm with Your Team

This exercise will be good to talk about the use and funding of the Discovery Series. You have a resourceful, creative group to unleash! Their collective thinking could provide an obvious solution to the funding need.

Grant Money

There are often those on school staffs, or relationally connected to the school, that can access grant money. Are they present in your school?

Other funding ideas:


Crowd Funding/Social Media

Creates a great opportunity to engage a lot of people and build support for your school.

PTA or Booster Club

These are often groups who are doing things to help the educational process. Engage the leadership in building the funding for the Discovery Series.

Local Businesses/Parents

Would a local business be willing to sponsor a class or a parent be interested In providing $15 for their child to be involved in a small group like this?

There are many other options that exist from car washes to bake sales. We believe this small investment can bring a lifetime of value.