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The Discovery Series can be done in any setting in 7 sessions.

A tool to help build a solid social and emotional foundation, nurture healthy relationships and provide prevention and early intervention.

A tool to help build a solid social and emotional foundation, nurture healthy relationships and provide prevention and early intervention.

We now have resources for all ages.

Supporting a lifetime of wellness: Childhood through the Legacy Years.
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Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story.

— Josh Shipp
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As an educator, the Discovery Series has rekindled my fire for teaching and provided for me a platform to engage with my students in purposeful and transformative dialogue that can influence the formation of a child’s future. Dialogue that restores and affirms. Dialogue that I have been craving to have with my students since I entered the education field.”

Casey Heimer4th Grade Teacher, Illinois

Now more than ever, young people need a mentor in their life – to provide guidance, a listening ear and friendship. However, catalyzing that relationship and creating rapport can be tricky. Providing an avenue for an adult volunteer to connect with a young person is exactly what the Rewriting Futures platform delivers, and it does so in a very meaningful, yet very easy way. In addition, the outcomes they desire are nearly identical to ours at Big Brothers Big Sisters, which made it a perfect match!

Rich HowardExecutive Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters Michigan Capital Region

Lack of vulnerability and connection are the main barriers that come between mentors and mentees. Too often, students come to my office to drop out of mentoring because they do not feel a connection with their mentor. This platform provides a great tool to catalyze the type of relationships our kids need in order for the mentoring experience to be impactful.

Derrick C. LewisSite Coordinator for Community In Schools of Ohio at South High School
We can rewrite the future.
Though we can’t change the past, we can look at the difficulties we all face, overcome together, and rewrite the future.


Dr. Robert Block, the former President of the American Academy of Pediatrics, said, “Adverse childhood experiences are the single greatest unaddressed public health threat facing our nation today.

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