Social & Emotional Stability • Healthy Relationships
Prevention • Early Intervention
The Discovery Series can be done in any setting in 7 sessions.

A tool to help build a solid social and emotional foundation, nurture healthy relationships and provide prevention and early intervention.

A tool to help build a solid social and emotional foundation, nurture healthy relationships and provide prevention and early intervention.

The Discovery Series is currently available for 4th and 5th grade (full K-12 coming soon).

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Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story.

— Josh Shipp
We can rewrite the future.
Though we can’t change the past, we can look at the difficulties we all face, overcome together, and rewrite the future.


Dr. Robert Block, the former President of the American Academy of Pediatrics, said, “Adverse childhood experiences are the single greatest unaddressed public health threat facing our nation today.

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3 Steps to Help Students Leverage Difficulties

The adversity and challenge that so many of our students face is almost incomprehensible.  Culture and society have changed drastically. This generation has lived more life before adolescence than some in generations prior have lived in a lifetime.  Not so much the good life – no,  I am speaking more…

Considering the Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

Malleability is among the most prominent characteristics of a child.  From birth and even in utero, the unique qualities of a child are being formed.  Everything that a child experiences from life in the womb through adolescence is shaping him or her in a variety of ways.  The intake valves…
Rewriting Futures

The Importance of Protecting Your Investment: 5 Steps

You are an incredible person.  How do I know?  Well, I see where you’ve chosen to invest.  Some days you probably feel like a super hero, but I am guessing that most days you feel very human.  You go home at night spent – drained emotionally, spiritually and physically (and…